Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

☆ 30 Days J-Rock Challenge - Day 1 ☆

Hey guys (^.^)v

it's a new year and in around a month I will have to write my examina..
I won't have much time then to do things, I could blog about..
so I decided to do the '30 Days J-Rock Challenge'
to at least post something during this month xD

 but first of all, I have to warn you xD
I'm into jrock for about seven years and the last years I didn't stalked bands as much as I did earlier, so many of the bands or songs I mention, will be quite old x'D
also I think there will be many entries featuring the GazettE, 
because they were my favourite band for several years and I really love the old songs *-*
but now, let's start ^.^

the task for the first day is:

Your favourite J-Rock group

well, I don't have a favourite band anymore,
because I nearly always had the bad luck that my fav group
was disbanding -.-
 this happend to:

Guy's Family

 they already disbanded in 2008

DiO - Distraught Overlord

 disbanded 2010


 disbanded 2011

and Lupo Label 

 disbanded 2009

as mentioned above my fav band was the GazettE once,
but they are not anymore.
Nevertheless I still like their music and visited the awesome concert last year *-*

and that's it for the first day ^.^
thank you for reading and see you (hopefully) tomorrow x3


  1. Great idea! Maybe I will attend this challenge too, but if you don't mind of course haha C:
    Waaah I feel sorry for you. Your all favourite bands have disbanded. I wouldn't survive it if it happened to my favourite band :XX"

    Mickey //

    1. thank you ^.^
      feel free to do so, I think the challenge will be fun ^.^
      yeah, I was really sad every time one of them disbanded q.q which is your favourite band by the way? ^.^