Samstag, 11. Januar 2014

☆ 30 Days J-Rock Challenge - Day 8 ☆

Hello and welcome back
to the eighth day of the
'30 days J-Rock Challenge' ^.^

today's task is:

A J-Rock song you know all the words to

well, these are not very much and most of them are by the GazettE
it was a few years ago when I learned them x3
but it is also a good oportunity to show you some songs I like again ♥

the GazettE - miseinen

the GazettE - Zakurogata no yuuutsu

the GazettE - Zetsu

the GazettE - burial applicant

and maybe some more x3
I also know all the words to

girugamesh - color

girugamesh - 13 days

X Japan - Crucify my love

and One Ok Rock - Liar

I also know all the words to another song called 'Liar (Liar)' by LM.C

AnCafe - Ryuusei Rocket

hide - Rocket dive

Sid - Uso
(which is also the ending to 'Fulmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Vidoll- innocent teens

maybe I forgot some, I don't know...
but I will realize when listening to them again x3

that's it for today ^.^
enjoy the songs and see you tomorrow x3

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