Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

Ari & Nici in Japan: beautiful Kanazawa

Hey guys (^.^)v

today a more traditional entry of my holidays in Japan.
While staying in Tokyo we chose one day to visit Kanazawa.
It is said to still be a very traditional city.
Here is the Kanazawa city homepage:

Since we have already ordered the Japan Rail Pass on beforehand,
we could freely choose a train to go there; and even the two
slowliest Shinkansen were included in the pass ^-^
So of course, we chose Shinkansen x3

It's amazing how much space you have on each seat
for your legs and stuff O.O
(never want to ride German trains again >.<)

When we moved to Osaka, we could even place our suitcases in front of us x3
We took the Hikari Super-Express

 On Shinkansen you usually have three seats in a row,
so the place next to Nici and me was free at first.
But after riding for one or two stations, an elderly gentlemen
seated next to us and after a moment asked me in English where we came from.
When I aswered "We are from Germany", he suddenly started  
speaking German to me O.O And really really good German ^-^
He told me, he once studied in Bremen and lived in Germany for some time.
When we told him, we were on the way to Kanazawa,
he replied it was the city of his birth and he recommended
us some beautiful places we should visit ^.^
It was so nice to talk to him and I am really impressed
that he still could speak German so well after so many years.
But already at the next station, we had to change trains
and the wished us a nice day ^.^
After some more time of train riding, we finally reached Kanazawa
and when we left the train station, the city welcomed us ^.^

this is the Main Station
We decided to first go to visit Kanazawa Castle.
Just alone the way to it was very pretty.

Sadly, it became very cloudy when we reached the castle..

After this, we strolled through a beautiful parc,
which we had to pay entrance fee for (this seems
to be very common in Japan though..) 

I think Japan's nature and architecture is really beautiful.
It also surprised me, how closely old and modern Japan are coexisting.
To visit Kanazawa was so nice. It has not been made such a
glamorous tourist attraction, but is much more traditional.
After our visit in the parc, we decided to leave because we 
had to go for a few hours by train and it was already getting dark.
But before leaving, we met Detective Conan with Ran and Kogoro Mori at the station x3

Good bye, Kanazawa! ♥

And good bye to my dear readers ^.^
I hope to see you next time again x3