Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Cooking Japanese: Onigiri ♥

Hi there (^.^)v

it's a cooking post again this time ♥
Some time ago I tried to make onigiri (riceballs) for the frist time.
I think they turned out quite good,
so let me show you how to make them:

 This is what you need:
- rice (obviously)
- nori (dried sea weed sheets)
- something to fill them (I used furikake for flavour)
and optional: an onigiri mold

First, you need to cook the rice.
When it is done, the rice need to cool down to become more sticky.
Because I used furikake to give flavour to the rice,
I devided it into two and sprinkled it with furikake.

I used two different flavours:
the left is with various vegetables
and the right on with perilla (a kind of herb)

Then you are ready to shape the rice into onigiri ^.^
Usually they have a triangle form
like the onigiri mold I used

I wraped them into wrapping film to store them in fridge over night.
You can eat them right after shaping them, but I wanted
to take them with me next day for Fashion Walk in Hamburg.
So on the next day, I wrapped them into nori sheets.
(it's better to do this briefly before eating them,
because the nori soaks a lot water and becomes quite chewy then)

They people who tried them, said the were good ^-^
But I still need to improve a lot.
Next time I will try to fill them x3

Feel free to try to make them yourself ^-^
Onigiri are really delicious *-*
One of my favourite japanese food ♥

Thank you for reading and see you next time (^.^)v

Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

☆ Harajuku Fashion Walk ☆ Hamburg ☆ \(^ω^\)

Hey guys (^-^)v

I hope you are all fine ^.^
Last weekend was really amazing, because I attended the first
Harajuku Fashion Walk in Hamburg ♥ 

The event was organized by the cute Feli-chan
We already had some similar events in Germany, like in Düsseldorf
or Leipzig, but this was the first in the north of the country ^.^
(And the closest from my hometown, but nevertheless we 
had to travel three hours by train..)

I choose to wear a 'pastel goth' outfit for the first time ^-^

sorry, to lazy to cover my messy room this time x3

I got myself a new wig for this outfit and will probably 
do a review in one of the next posts ^-^
Tell me if you're interesseted ♥

My mom and my friend Eiri joined me again and we took 
the train at nine in the morning to be in Hamburg in time.
When we arrived at the station I luckily still had enough time
to "do" my nails (=to clip on my preglued nails x'D)

 At 1 p.m. we all met at the station and then walked our way through the city.
 But before we took the first group photo of the day ♥

by Jacky Holtermann
We walked down a well-known shopping street in Hamburg
and also visited some close by stores (like colours and claire's)
Then we took the train to visit the newly opened 'J-Store' ♥
And took another group photo (^-^)v

picture taken from the J-Store facebook-page
The store is really great ^-^
They had such a cool pair of tights, but sadly they
were to expensive for me at the moment...

And here are some more random pictures of the day x3
The first is a photo of my 'hair' I took in the train.
Wearing a bow by MeltyWish

I like the wig, it feels comfortable while wearing ^-^
Next is a pic of Eiri and me:

And the perspective from outside x'D

by Jacky Holtermann
Yeah, with my cool gameboy-phone-cover x3
And a picture I took at the metro station
while waiting for the train to J-Store to arrive ^.^

Of course I also took some photos with nice and lovely people ♥
with Eiri again:

cool outfit of his isn't it?
with Ruha and Meto-Teddy:

and with Feli ♥
she also tried one of my selfmade onigiri *happy*

Eiri when I told him 'look like you're having fun' x'D

And Feli again how we saw her most of the day x3
(but I somehow really like this picture *-*)

The day was a lot of fun ^.^
Thanks to everyone who has been there ♥
And this time there even is a video (made by Feli)

I hope there will be more events like this in Hamburg ♥
It was a really great day ^.^

Thank you for reading (^.^)v

Montag, 16. Juni 2014

Weekend stuff and new outfits (^-^)b

Hey guys (^.^)v

I'm happy to see you back ♥
In this entry I want to show you some photos of my last weekends.
They really were much fun for me ^.^

On the last weekend in May my friend Haru visited us ♥
She grew up in the same city I live,
but a few years ago she moved away to live near Düsseldorf.
But this time she visited us and decided to spent her birthday with us ^.^
 So we met Nekoko and some other friends and went to the cinema
to watch Maleficent:

The movie tells the story of the dark fairy from the fairytale
Dornröschen (the sleeping beauty).
I don't want to tell that much about the movie here,
maybe some of you still want to watch it ^.^
But it is a really amazing movie with another ending than the
original fairytale.
Neko, Haru and me
Popcorn in the dark x3

Later that weekend we also visited our local BoboQ store together ♥

feat. Haru's new phone case

The next day my mom and I went to ride a pedal boat in our town.
We celebrated her belated birthday since I couldn't be with her that day
and our pedal boat looked like a ... Flamingo!

It was really fun to ride a flamingo boat ^.^
The day after this my dad and I visited our local zoo:

It was really fun and not only I could pet deers and pot-bellied pigs,
but also a kangaroo ^.^ (of which I sadly don't have a photo q.q)

The next weekend my boyfriend and I visited his father for his birthday.
Actually we wanted to make a barbeque in the garden, but just after we arrived
 it started to rain havily and we decided to do the barbeque on the balcony x3
A good decision, because later there was a thunderstorm with hail, too o.o
This was my outfit for the day:

In the living room of my boyfriend's father's house also was a big plush dog ^.^
As I love plushies and dogs, I had to take a photo with it ♥

And finally, last friday I visited the designer outlet in Wolfsburg.
Actually I never found anything interessting there, but now
I heard that a claire's shop has opened there *-*
And you get 30% off on everything x3
and here is what I purchased:

Love the cow purse so much ♥_♥
Maybe you know that cows (along bats) are my favourite animal

and I've seen the purse often in our local claire's store and always
considered buying it, but then I always thought 'well, it's just for coins
so it's of little use for you...' But I'm happy I finally bought it *-*

And speaking of cows...
there also was a closed kindergarden in the designer outlet
with animal stickers outside:

and this was my outfit for designer outlet:

All in all I had really fun weekends lately ^.^
That's all for now ^.^
Thank you for reading and hope to see you again ♥

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

girugamesh in Berlin ヽ( ★ω★)ノ♫

Hi there (^.^)v

it's been a while.. I hope you are all fine though ^.^
Last saturday my mom and I visited the girugamesh concert in Berlin.
Usually I go to concerts with friends or on my own, but when some
certain bands are here (like X Japan, Versailles (now Jupiter) or in this case
girugamesh) my mom wants to visit the concert, too
and I'm happy I can do such things with her ^.^
I decided to wear last times tour shirt:

By the way, I really liked my hairdo that day x3

It's not perfect now, but I will practise it more often now ^.^
We arrived pretty early in Berlin to avoid the traffic jams
and spend the day in the neighbourhood around the event location
sitting in shadowy places and eating icecream xD 
(it is really hot in germany at the moment x3)

Later that day I met my friends Riyoki and Kamiko again ♥
I don't see them often, so I'm happy if a concert takes place in Berlin
and I can meet them there ^.^

with Kamiko (^.^)v
 (somehow I look strange in this picture.. and my arm has a weird colour o.O)
Riyoki was already inside the hall at the VIP-event x3
and I just have to share her photo with ryo here, it's so cool *o*

I hope she is ok with me showing it here ^.^
I'm so happy for her she has such a cute pic with her
favourite band member ♥

The two of them (Riyoki and Kamiko) also were so cute to buy me 
a hoodie jacket at the concert in Aschaffenburg (or was it Munich? o.o)
So I didn't have to queue at merch stand before the concert
and could get a better place to see the stage *-*

Kamiko and I stood on the step on the left and could see really well ^.^
Riyoki was in the third row in front of the stage,
because she had prior entry because of the VIP ^.^
The concert itself was really great, too *-*
I just found it really short... but it was hot as hell inside the hall
so it was ok that they didn't play 2 hours or so.
Also the concert was sold out and all the place you can see
in the pic was totally occupied with people and so crowded o.o
But it's always worth it to see girugamesh live on stage ^.^

And here is my hoodie ♥

sorry for not wearing make up xD

That's it for now ^.^
I'm already exited for the next girugamesh tour *-*
see ya ♥