Freitag, 20. März 2015

Ari & Nici in Japan: Osaka - Umeda: Pokémon Center & Sky Building

Hey guys (^.^)v

Welcome back to a new blog post about Osaka !
This time I want to show you what we did in Umeda.
We planed to visit Osaka's Pokémon Center and the Sky Building ♥

At first, it was quite difficult to find it because we got off at a really big train station.
But after walking around the whole building, we managed to find the department store
where the Pokémon Center was located ^.^
Already at the entrance we were greeted by Pokémon x3

The Pokémon Center is located at the 13th floor, so we took the elevator.
The Center itself doesn't really have a door. When you step out of the elevator,
you are already standing inside the store.
As I said before our trip was a little bit poorly planned because we were in Japan
during school holidays.. Please, never go into Pokémon Center during holidays!
It was so crowded T.T That's also why I couldn't take many photos.. just two x'D

so many plushes *o*

 But I bought a lot x3 I will show it to you in a seperate shopping haul post.

After Pokémon Center, we went to the basement of the department store and 
bought some food in a bakery. We sat down outside of the building  and relaxed a bit.

this is the building we wanted to visit later ^.^
a model of the area
my shopping goods x3

We were really fascinated by these steps x3

sorry for my giant dark circles q.q
When it got darker, we went over to the Sky Building.
It is really high when you are standing in front of it.
Of course, we had to take some photos from here, too:

Nici taking a photo
Nici taking a photo of me taking a photo..
If you want to go up there, you first have to take an elevator
to the like 50ths floor and the last five floors are to be overcome by escalators.
It is really high and I'm a bit afraid of heights but the elevator was so fast o.o
And you had a really good view from the escalators since they go up
between the two towers of the building. If you take a look at the third photo above,
you can see these two pipes going from one side of the building to the other
in a v-shape. That are the escalators. 
So since they are outside of the building, you have a good view over a huge part of Osaka!

At the top of the building is a lounge were you can buy drinks and some snacks.
I chose ice cream and Nici had some cocktail like drink.
So we waited for it getting dark to take really amazing photos ♥

still with Pokémon Center shopping bag x3

 When it finally was really dark, get went outside.
On top of the building there is a circular walk 
from where you can see every part of Osaka *-*

The view was so so beautiful ♥ I miss it so much these days T_T
But the coolest thing definetely was the black lights over our heads
and the floor sparkled with colourful spots that glow in black light *-*

some of my bracelets were also glowing ^-^
Nicis shirt was glowing in the lack light x3
Unfortunately the photos of us is blurry q.q

Everything glows *-* even my hair xD

Looking down between the two towers of the building.
The pipes you can see are the escalators to the top floor.
And on the very bottom: Osaka's other buildings x3

I love this pic so much *-*
With beautiful Osaka at night in the background ♥

Lots of Japanese people with lots of white glowing shirts xD

a sparkly little star ♥
After spending some hours enjoying this amazing view,
we had to say good bye to Osaka Sky Building q.q
Maybe, we can see each other once again ♥

This really was one of the most impressive places we visited during our journey.
It is an amazing feeling you have while looking over the whole town.
It even felt kind of unreal to be this far away from home, in another country,
with another language and see this beautiful view *-*

If you are in Japan, please go there (or on top of some other high

building in the night) and enjoy the view and just being in Japan !

That's it for today.
My next post will be about Kyoto I think.
So stay tuned and see you next time (^-^)v


  1. OMG wie toll das glitzert bzw. leuchtet!
    Und von diesen Pokemonläden hatte ich erst letztens auf einem anderen Blog was gelesen. Will ich auch super gerne mal rein. (Irgendwie bleibt man da immer Kind xD).

    Ich habe dich auf meinem Blog übrigens für den Liebsten Blog Award nominiert:

    1. Vielen Dank für die Nominierung und den lieben Kommentar ^-^

  2. Woooow, die nächtlichen Fotos sind ja mal so schön! Sehr beneidenswert :)

  3. Oh Mann, die Bilder sind wirklich mega toll. ;w; Ich steh auf sowas.
    Das muss echt ein schöner Tag gewesen sein, den man so schnell nicht vergisst.

  4. oh wow eine sehr sehr tolle seite hast du da =)
    und deine fotos sieht so toll, =)
    Und das du in Japan warst ist richtig toll =)

  5. All look so beautiful!! I really envy you!
    My dream is to visit Japan too >w<
    So you're pictures make me dream :D