Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

☆ 30 Days J-Rock Challenge - Day 20 ☆

Nice to see you back again for day 20
of the '30 Days J-Rock Challenge' (^.^)v

the task for today is:

Your favourite picture of your J-Rock idol

 as I already mentioned a few post ago,
I don't have anything you could call an 'idol'
but nevertheless let me show you some pictures I like ^.^

Rame (ex-Vidoll)

Intetsu (ex-ayabie)
I love this pic ♥
it was the wallpaper of my cellphone for several years x3

Yooh (ex-Lupo Label)
 I absolutely don't know why, but I like this one x3

Mikaru (ex-DiO)
...just why?

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