Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

Versatile Blogger Award

Hi there (^.^)v

I hope you are doing well ^.^
it's some time now since I made made a 'usual' post..
by the way, what do you think about the challenge I'm doing?

the reason for this interlude is that I recently got
my first nomination for a blogger award ♥

and here are the rules:
♪ thank the person who nominated you
♪ include a link to their blog
 ♪ nominate 15 blogs
♪ write down 7 facts about you

ok, let's start with number one!
I got nominated by Ducky
since I love to read her blog, I'm very happy she nominated me *-*
thank you so much, Ducky ^.^

next nominate 15 blogs
that's pretty much actually o.o''
 riyoki time
Usai in Hello Kitty Land
Mizu's Rainbow World
Mikani Manderinchen
Melting Mind of Liz Juice
ok, that's only six... but I actually don't follow that many blogs
and I don't think any other, who's not following me, will read it xD
so I hope six are ok, too ^.^

and the last taks:
write down seven facts about you
1. Actually I don't have any time to do this, I should prepare for my exams right now.
2. I can eat icecream at every time in a year.
3. I'm really scared of going to the dentist.
4. Cows are my favourite animals ever since I can remember.
5. In 16 days I will visit the 'Jupiter' concert in Cologne *-*
6. I would love to own a dog, but I don't have enough time for care for it at the moment q.q
7. Tomorrow is my birthday \(^.^)/

ok, that's it x3
the tasks are done ^.^
I hope some of the people I nominated will join the award, too ^.^

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