Montag, 21. April 2014

Meet Dizzy Bear and the Creeper! Listen Flavor purchase ☆

Hey guys (^.^)v

nice to see you back again ^.^
and thank all of you so much for all the encouraging
comments I got during the past months ^.^
I'm really happy to see that you might like what I post ♥

Did you also notice that your cursor (hopefully) changed? x3
I now have a Bulbasaur-cursor on my page *-*
It's so cool ^.^ I hope you like it, too.

Before I show you my Listen Flavor purchase, I would like
to introduce my friend Kiki's blog to you ^.^
She just started it this month and has already some really cool entries
 with wonderful photos. For example she wrote a nice report
about last Harajuku Fashion Walk in Düsseldorf 
(which I sadly couldn't join q.q)
So feel free to have a look at her blog ♥

And now, back to the actual topic x'D
So some weeks ago, I ordered my first items at Listen Flavor \(*-*)/
(a japanese clothing brand) 
I love their clothing so much at the moment *-*
it became one of my favourite brands ♥

One week after I paid my order, the items already arrived here in Germany.
And after another week and some conversation with not so customer friendly 
german DHL I finally could try on my new clothes *-*

And this is what I got:

Dizzy Bear Star Pattern Shirt - lavender

the back

The Creeper Short Sleeve Shirt - black x crazy

I even got a gift for free \(*-*)/
have a look at this super cool bag:

and last but not least, some worn pics for you (^.^)v
(sorry for the bad quality and the messy room Q_Q)

Soo these are my new clothes ^.^
do you like them?

leave a comment if you like 
and thanks for reading (^.^)v

Dienstag, 8. April 2014

Cooking Japanese: My first Dorayaki try *\(^O^)/*

Hey guys (^.^)v

today I' ve just a small recipe for you ^.^
Some weeks ago I've managed to bake my first selfmade dorayaki!
Dorayaki basically are japanese pancakes filled with anko (red bean paste).
I love them so much and always buy them
when I'm in Düsseldorf ♥

this is what they look like when you buy them

I'm not really good at cooking, so I'm very happy this one worked x3
I used the recipe from but it's in german only...

 For about eight pieces you need:
175g Flour
150g Anko
80g Sugar
3 Eggs
1 Tbs. Honey
3 Tsp. Water
1/2 Tsp. Backing Powder 

Then you just mix everthing, except the Anko,
and let it prove for about half an hour
(the actual recipe says for 45 minutes, but I did it the first time
and my pancakes became so damn fluffy that it was
hard to eat the two of them with Anko inside x'D).

After this is done, you are ready to bake small pancakes ^.^
They should have a calibre of 7cm and have a round shape.
It should be around 16 pancakes in total,
so you can make 8 dorayaki out of it.

Let the pancakes cool down and then just spread Anko
on one pancake and put another one on top of it. Done (^.^)v

Not as good-looking as the ones you can buy,
but my family and I liked them ^.^
Plus: they are much cheaper to make it on your own
than to buy some x3

See you next time (^.^)v