Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Ari and Nici in Japan: Odaiba

Hey guys (^.^)v

Welcome back to another post about Japan ♥
On our last day in Tokyo we visited Odaiba.

The train ride to Odaiba was one of the most cool I ever did x3
You don't ride a usual subway, but an overhead railway.
The train drives behind the glass walls which alone is yet very cool..

But the landscape during the ride even more amazing *-*
You drive along between skysrapers...

 And the route also leads over the famous Rainbow Bridge ♥ 

As you can already see, it was very cloudy that day..

Odaiba even has a beach ^-^
Rainbow Bridge in the background ^.^

For a while, we just sat at the beach and watched some stand-up paddlers.
But later, we decided to have a stroll to Tokyo Leisure Land!
(also because it started to rain...)

a bridge to cross the street to Leisure Land
it says "teleport bridge".... o.O ?

Leisure Land's characteristic feature is the huge ferris wheel:

It is even illuminated in the dark *-*
But we decided not to stay that long because we wanted 
to go to Shibuya one last time ^.^

it has colourful gondolas *-*
We did not take a ride with it, since I am a bit afraid
of heights and it was also really expensive.
The colourful gondolas were about 1,000 and the
transparent ones even 2,000 per person I think..

It then started to rain, so we spent some time in Tokyo Leisureland,
playing air hockey and Ufo-Catchers ^.^
But again, we didn't win anything x'D
But, I made a new friend ^.^

We had a lot of fun there ^.^
On our way back to the train station, we went by a shopping centre
and since it started to rain again, we went in.
It turned out to look rather strange on the inside:

The ceiling was painted like the sky and all the shops had a Venice-like looking front..
But the only interesting shops for us were a Lego store and daiso x3
But, since we were hungry, we also went to Lotteria in the centre ^.^

I had Melon Soda again ♥ but the fries weren't that good..

When we wanted to leave, some guys with a big video camera spoke to us.

They said they made promotion for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo
and asked us to write a massage on a board they gave to us xD
Then they took a photo and wanted to post it on their official facebook page.
Our photos did not show up their until now, but they also took a photo with
Nici's camera. So I still have a pic to show you here ^.^

After this experience, we went to Shibuya again.
It was the last day in Tokyo for us since the next day we went off to Osaka.
I already wrote about our adventures in Shibuya here,
so let's continue with what happened when we came back to our host family's location.

When we left the train station, we suddenly heared some kind of music from nearby
and went to where we thought the noise was coming from...

There was a small festival nearby ^.^
I took a short video of the people dancing:


So, that's all about our last day in Tokyo.
The next day, we took the Shinkansen to Osaka ^.^
More about Osaka and other nearby locations we visited will follow.
And last but not least, my suitcase before we left x'D

looks like exploded but in the end everything fitted in x'D
Thank you for reading ♥
See you next time (^.^)v

Montag, 19. Januar 2015

Cristmas and New Year's Eve - I finally had holidays xD

Hey guys (^.^)v

As the title says, I finally had holidays!
...which are sadly already over again x'D
But I nevertheless want to show you what I did and got for christmas.
And I althought wanted to do a post about something else 
than Japan once in a while xDD 

So, of course I went home to my family at holiday time.
And, as Christmas markets are a really big deal here in Germany, 
I went there quite often ^.^
I don't like Christmas that much, but I like all the sparkling decoration xD
But sadly we had just rain instead of snow..

Unfortunately, it was raining a lot this Christmas..

had to cover my face, sry x'D
 As every year, I spent Cristmas Eve with my parents 
and my boyfriend at my father's house.
He cooked a very delicious (vegetarian^^) dinner for us *-*

The first day of Christmas I visited my grantmother
together with the rest of the family.
The same procedure as every year.. x'D

And here is what I got for christmas ^.^

I really love these Beanie Boos ^.^
My two new ones are called Safari (the giraffe)
and Scraem (the bat) ♥
I already have some more, so it is already a small collection x3 

The red dragon in the front (his name is Legend)
belongs to my boyfriend.
My mom gave it to him as christmas present this year.

And I got even more plushies and giraffe *-*

You can put these two in the microwave to make them warm
and then they keep you warm if you cuddle with them ♥
The long giraffe is very good to put it in the neck ^.^

And my last giraffe xD
I got a muff ^.^
It was a present from my mom.
She got herself one in 'snow leopard'
(of course, it's not real fur, just plush)

And I also want to show you this:
It was not a present for me, but from me to my mom.

As I mentioned before, she is a big fan of hide
and as I heared they would release a new single
(more than 15 years after his death), I totally had to buy it for her.
And I don't regret it at all!
It is really amazing they have the technology to bring his voice back to life again.
I love his new song so so much and I am happy
his management finally shared it with the world.
(I would have loved to share a video here with you,
but unfortunately yt doesn't find it when I'm searching on pc
(but if I'm on my phone, it does and even plays the song without restrictions..))

And finally, I also could see my friend's again!
I miss them very much since I had to move to another city.
But fortunately I managed to meet everybody I wanted to meet 
and could do a lot of things, I don't have time for when I
have to go to school ^.^ 

We went to the cinema to watch 'St. Vincent' in Sneek Peak x3

This is the most delicious curd I've ever eaten before *-*
It is raspberry curd, blueberrys, vanilla curd, pomegranate,
chocolate sprinkles and rapsberry sauce ♥

And I went eating sushi with my mom 
at the best restaurant in my home town ^.^
It was the first sushi since Japan xD

I also got a new haircut just a few days before last year ended x3
Before, my hair was about this long:

And then I let it cut to this:

So last but not least,
I want to show you my two favourite outfits during Christmas holidays:

That's it for today!
I hope your are now up to date again xD

See you next time (^.^)v