Montag, 19. Mai 2014

J-Day 2014 [Düsseldorf]

Hi there (^.^)v

last saturday it was time for every years J(apan)-Day in Düsseldorf \(^-^)/
I'm visiting it for some years now and I can definetly say:
this was one of the best j-days ever x3

This year we already arrived on friday,
one day before the actual event started and so
we had some time to stroll through the stores and buy things in peace
and not in so very owercrowded places like saturday ^.^

The first place we got to was the japanese bakery 'My heart' ♥
they sell so absolutely delicious pans and pasteries *Q*
this was my breakfast:

I really love the food from the japanese bakery ^.^
I wish I had one in my hometown, too..

next we went to some asian supermarkets and bought.... more food xD
I'm hoggish, I know q.q but J-Day is one of my rare opotunities
during the year to get to Düsseldorf and there you can find
so many more delicious asian and espacially japanese food
than in the stores around my area.
Furikake for rice
Soba noodles and taiyaki
a pair of chopsticks with the fitting case and an exercise book for kanji
Dorayaki and mini dorayaki x3
Green Tea candy, melon mochi and Koala cookies with white chocolate
Vegetable korokke and onigiri ♥

After this we strolled a bit through the city centre of Düsseldorf
and later we decided to drink a bubble tea at Sphere Bay ♥
(or better: I dragged the others to join me.. x'D)
I really wanted to try their Matcha Latte ^.^

My friend Nekoko's white peach tea and my matcha latte ♥

On our way back to the hotel we grapped some
dessert and dinner ^.^

yummy melon ice cream *-*
some kind of korean pancakes made of mung beans
On the next day we get up early in the morning
and dressed up for Japan-Day ^.^

First, we headed to bakery 'My heart' again to have breakfast ♥
then we went down the 'Immermannstraße' where all the
japanese and asian stores are located ^.^
 I bought taiyaki ice cream as second breakfast x3

 This is what I bought the second day:

delicious melon-soda
some korean snack and more mochi x3
more furikake and matcha-chocolate pocky
and cute fish lampion ^.^

Next we went to the actual festival at the Rheinuferpromenade ^.^
There was a stage where different martial arts were shwon 
during the day and we got to watch 'Naginata'.
I never heard of this before, but it reminded me of 'Kendo' x3

and then it was Phototime \(*-*)/ ♥

Nekoko and me ^.^
Fusion~!! my favourite pic x3
 and we met so many nice and cute people *o*

Jojo in her cute Luka cosplay (vocaloid) *-*
I met cute Kashi-chan *-*
two cuties we already met at AnCafe in Essen ^.^ she even made the nyappy-kigurumi herself *-*
two friends of Neko ^.^
And finally we met my friend and sister in mind: Haru ♥
she lives near Düsseldorf and we planned to meet,
but then her cellphone shut down and we were searching her with a sign x3

she has pink hair now, too *-*
And then we enjoined the concert of 'the Asterplace' together ^.^
sadly the technology was totally broken q.q
barely two out of five microphones worked, so the vocalist 
had a really hard time... it made me so sad Q_Q
but nevertheless the band seemed to have fun and so did the audiance x3
I hope they come back soon and that everthing works better then ^.^

 After this concert we headed for the main stage to see another concert:
'Crow x Class'
 the description sounded so interessting:
"the first visual kei band who plays traditional japanese music instruments only"
and it was so amazing ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
I really loved their music ♥
and they talked much in german, so cute x3

here is an example of their music ♥

after the show I even had the chance to took a photo together with Shion *-*
(the one on the right, who plays the koto)

and right after the concert ended, the fireworks started ^.^
we were still in the middle of the concert area
and so I didn't have the best view..

and this was my amazing Japan-Day ^.^
thanks to all who took part in it ♥

see you next time (^.^)v

Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

Ari travels: heidi. in Cologne // Purikura in Berlin // Highland Games in Peine

Hey guys (^.^)v

I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last post q.q 
actually I planned to blog on sunday, but then the charging cable
for my phone got missing and I couldn't get the photos I needed
to my computer and stuff q.q 
But now I have my cable back and finally managed to transmit the photos
and now I can show them to you ^.^

So first of all, I want to tell you a little about the heidi. concert last month in Cologne ^.^
heidi. is one of the bands I listen to for a long time now
and so I was super happy when they finally announced a Tour in Europe *-*
 But a few days before the concert, I cought a cold q.q
Nevertheless I went to Cologne that day with my friend Eiri, who was sick too..
but we still managed to arrive in time at the concert hall x3
This was my outfit for that day:

 I felt really bad that day and I think I even had a fever,
so we just headed for the back area of the hall and enjoyed our first concert sitting xD
Anyway it was still much fun and one of the best concerts I've ever visited ^.^
And I'm so happy to got this pretty towel at the merch stand:

Last saturday than I headed off to Berlin early in the morning to 
meet my friends Riyoki and Kamiko ^.^
It was my first time travelling the way with a bus.
It was much cheaper than going by train and even better than it.
I didn't have to change, having a seat was guaranteed
and they let me sleep the entire trip without waking me up to see my ticket!
I will definitely use the bus more often now ^.^

My lunch box that day ♥

When I arrived Riyoki and Kamiko picked me up at the station
and then we went to the J-Store to make some Purikura *-*
It was my first time doing this and it was really fun ^.^
I hope you like how the results turned out:

And finally we had some ice cream ♥
mine was pomegranate and 'kinder pingui' - soo delicious \(*Q*)/

And last but not least I also visited the Highland Gathering in Peine
with my mom and my boyfriend ^.^
I always wanted to see Highland Games in real live!
The events are 'Putting the stone', 'Tossing the caber' and 'Tug of war'.
We sadly missed the last event, because it was so cold and windy that day that
we decided to go home earlier to not catch another cold..
All the competing men were dressed in a kilt and most also wore redhead wigs x3

please click to enlarge ^.^
Tossing the caber
 But there we not just the Higland Games, there also were
many dance groups, pipers and you could by lots of food ^.^
I bought a bar of my favourite chocolate ♥
Usually you can't buy it in germany at an accteptable price, but this was ok x3

soo~ delicious ♥
so, now you know about the past few weeks
and tomorrow I will be off to Japanday in Düsseldorf ^.^
maybe we can meet there? ♥

bye bye for now (^.^)