Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

Ari and Nici in Japan: Arcade Games and Pachinko!

Hey guys (^-^)v

I'm so so sorry for having been absent for so long q.q
my boyfriend and I moved to another city and had some 
serious issues with our new internet provider
and no access to the net for like a month >.<
but now, our internet is back! \(^-^)/
and I can continue my reports about my holidays in Japan ^.^

So this entry is about:
Japanese Gaming Halls!
We often visited some arcade game halls 
and also sometimes a pachinko hall x3
I often heard it should be really loud in them and I was prepared
for a lot, I thought ...but not for this o.o
I experienced Japan as such a quiet country and then...
you walk into a pachinko hall o.o
it was so much louder than I have imagined!
The staff member even had some paper sheets with useful sentences
 to show to the costumer, in case they couldn't understand them due to the loudness xD

the first pachinko hall we entered in Akihabara ^.^

excited Nici x3
 Since we thought the game looked funny,
Nici wanted to give it a try xD

We were quite confused and didn't really know what to do though x'DD

After this we went to some arcade gaming halls
and tried the Ufo-Catcher and other stuff xD

Taito Game Station!


Searching for coin money x3

I wanted to get this Monokuma, but I failed q.q
Nici also tried her luck and wanted to get one of these pretty anime figures:

 (sorry, but stupid youtube deleted the sound q.q)

 After we all had no luck with the Ufo-Catchers,
we wanted to try something different and saw
some kids playing an interesting looking drum game:

Also Jan, a friend from my university who stayed in Japan
at the same time, played some shooting games.

After strolling a bit trough the darkening streets of Akihabara,
we couldn't resist but going right into another arcade gaming centre..
All the colourful lights were just too flashy xD
So, we gave the Ufo-Catcher another try...
And this time Nici also won something!

We won SWEETS! ♥

Yaii \(^-^)/
This was our funny day at Japanese Gaming Halls ♥
I really enjoyed it and since I'm back in Germany, I really miss these Arcade Games..
It's pity we don't have them here.. another reason to go back to Japan some day ^-^

So, that's it for today.
Thank you for reading and see you next time (^-^)v


  1. Arcade is soooo much fun ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. hey!

    Ich hab dir den Best Blog Award verliehen. Wenn du magst, schau mal auf meinen Blog!

    LG, Jade