Montag, 6. Januar 2014

☆ 30 Days J-Rock Challenge - Day 3 ☆

Welcome back to the thrid day of my
'30 days J-Rock Challenge' ^.^

task for today is:

The most overrated J-Rock group

I really don't think that there are any overrated bands..
maybe just overhyped ones x3
 for example I find it really sad that in the past few years
so many j-rock bands appeared in youth magazines (such as 'popcorn')
because of that many concerts were crowded with teenagers who did know just three songs and didn't join the paras at all -.-
that made me really mad..
but I still not think these bands which appeared in these mags are overrated or something x3

task 3 done and see you tomorrow (^.^)v

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