Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Christmas and stuff x3

Hey guys ^.^

did you have nice holidays? x3
mine started pretty stressful, because I did not have a single present when my holidays started and had to do this all in just a few days ^.^''
but it was manageable x3

do you know this book?

I think it's only published in german, but it was my favourite book 
when I was a child and it still is ^.^
it is about a young dog's first christmas and it's written so cute and funny,
I can really just recommend it to you ^.^

a few days before christmas I also managed to bake some cookies ^.^

 I also got some really cool things for christmas *-*
for example this one:

a shark earpircing *-*
it's so cute, it looks it bites my earlope ^.^

some days before christmas we also had a small 'bubble tea meet up'
at our local BoboQ-store x3

and all my friends played pokemon x or y all the time..
I want to play pokemon, too q.q
and for christmas I got some money from my family so I can finally afford
a nintendo 3 ds *-*
I want to play pokemon so badly >.<

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

I also got a cool new thing from my boyfriend,
not for christmas, but some weeks before ^.^
I always get very cold hands when I'm doing stuff at my pc,
so he got me this hand-warming usb-fish x3

you just plug it in the usb-port of your pc,
place the pc-mouse and your hand in it and soon
it's getting comfortably warm ^.^

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

 I'm really sucking at connenctions (as you might have noticed..),
so here is just the next topic x'D

as a vegetarian I don't want to eat gelatine, 
but I totally love marshmallows ♥
and I finally found some without gelatine *-*
they are expensive as f***, but worth it ^.^

the sweets in the picture are all vegan
and totally delicious ^.^

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

and finally I still have some 'outfit'-pictures for those who are interested
 first, two every day ones:


and another one from the animexx-meeting this month:

I hope you like them ^.^
and that's it for today
I hope you enjoy the last days of the year
and would be happy to see you here next year again (^.^)v


Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Tofu Cute Order \(^-^)/

Hey guys (^.^)v
I hope you are fine ^.^

today I want to do a small review x3
some weeks ago I ordered some stuff at the online shop 'Tofu Cute' ^.^
I wanted to order there for some time now, but most things 
I wanted to buy were always sold out q.q
but now, nearly all the things I wanted were in stock, so I had to order quickly *-*

I really wanted to have this onigiri plush toy *-*
it's so cute and I love onigiri ♥

next I ordered some new phone charms ^.^
 2 Alpacas and a Giraffe-donut *-*

I love these old school overdecorated cell phones x3
so I decided to decorate mine like this again!

it's quite heavy now.. like in good old days x'D

the fluffy yellow thing you can see in the background 
of the first pic is a plushy tissue box *-*
isn't that cool?! x'D
it's pineapple-tofu style ^.^
and it is a present from my boyfriend ♥ 
I didn't have enough money, so he bought it for me -^.^-

I also ordered some food x3
POCKY!  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
one is mango flavour

and the other is cheesecake *-*

they are both so delicious *Q*
the mango tastes like real mango and not like some artificial stuff
and the cheesecake one tastes refreshing with some added twist of lemon ^.^

and the last thing I bought is a pen that looks like a pocky stick ^.^

it does not look like it in the picture, but it's very easy to write with it ^.^
and that's it x3
I'm so happy with my purchase ^.^
see you next time ♥

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

My first time at Primark xD

Hey guys (^.^)v

how are you doing? x3
I hope you are all fine though ^.^

as you can guess from the title, I was at Primark some weeks ago..
for the first time! *badamm*
(except from one look I took in when walking by with a friend xD)

I know some people don't like Primark and on the other hand some totally love it x3
so I decided to make my own experience ^.^
I heard that it should be awefully crowded at the weekends,
so I decided to go there on a thursday midday ^.^ 

it was already getting dark on my way back
the clothing they sell is pretty much the same as in all other fashion stores now, 
most things are just cheaper..
but I still found some cute items ^.^
and here is what I bought:

(before I show you the other photos, I have to say that I'm really sorry for the bad quality q.q
it was so incredibly dark the day I took the photos, although it was just around noon..
well, that's what winter in germany is like x'D)

so these are the tights I bought ^.^

tights + black over knees

I don't expect them to last for a long time, because they were just around 3€ each x'D

I really love the next item ♥
I found out, although primark has pretty much the same clothes as 
every other store, they have really adorable pyjamas *-*
and I bought this pyjama pants with care bears ^.^

all the pyjamas were so cute! I wanted to buy them all *-*
but finally decided for this one ^.^

the next one is this t-shirt:

with little bats on it ^.^
since bats are my favourite animals (beside cows ♥), I had to take it with me ^.^

some fake nails:

and, last but not least, my favourite item *-*

it's a ZEBRA PONCHO *o* ♥
it was love at first sight xDD
there's even a face and ears on the hood ^.^

and cute pockets *-*

and here it is in full awesomeness *-* 
(...or whatever.... x'D)

that's all I bought ^.^
as mentioned above I nearly spent all of my money in the pyjama section
(the poncho is also from there x3)
ok, that's it for today ^.^
thank you for reading and see you next time ♥