Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

☆ 30 Days J-Rock Challenge - Day 19 ☆

Hello and welcome back (^.^)v

it's day 19 of the 30 Days J-Rock Challenge
and the task is:

Best live J-Rock group

ok, I definetly can't just choose one here x3
there are at least three bands or concerts,
where I would say 'that was the best concert I ever visited'

first was:

Mix Speaker's, Inc.
2009 at 'Zeche', Bochum
 it was so much fun to do the paras together with the band *-*
they even had something like a self-made picture book
with drawing, which showed us what to do during the next song ^.^

Maximum the Hormone
2011 at 'Knust', Hamburg
it was just amazing *-*
and my neck hurt for a whole week after the concert x'D

One Ok Rock
2013 at 'Brückenforum', Bonn
it was just awesome *__*

but nearly every concert I visited was fun
and I hope there will be even more in the future x3

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