Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Nyappy! An Cafe in Essen o(≧∀≦)o

Hey guys (^.^)v

An Cafe is on tour in Europe at the moment
and so my friend Nekoko and I decided to see
them at the live in Essen ^.^

It is a bit far away, but so we had the chance to
visit Düsseldorf before the concert started x3
Düsseldorf as you might know has many japanese inhabitants
and therefore there are many stores which sell japanese stuff
like books/magazines, every day necessities and of course:
lots of food *-*

We wanted to have breakfast in a Japanese backery ♥
I love this place and their delicious food soo much *-*

My food:

on the right for example Anpan and Cornet with Matchcream ♥

Neko's food:

in the front is Kare-Pan ^.^

Afterwards we strolled through some other stores
and bought some onigiri ♥
It's one of my favourite japanese foods.
They also have many onigiris filled with vegetables
and without fish or meat. I choose one with kimchi ^.^

Then we continued our journey to Essen.
I have never visited this town before and we were quite confused
when we arrived at the main station...
But in the metro we met another girl, who visited the concert
and luckily she showed us the way ^.^

Still in the train I took a photo of my hairdo that day.
Nothing special, but I like the hair tie so much x3

a fluffy ball with wiggling eyes ^.^

While waiting at the concert hall some staff member 
of An Cafe came out and took fotos of us, 
which were published at An Cafe's official facebook page *-*

with my friends Neko, Riyoki and Bou ^.^ Bou even made this cute Nyappy-plush all by herself *-*

Since we found the staff members were so cute
we also took a photo together with them *-*

 The concert itself was really awesome *-*
It was my third concert of An Cafe
and definitely one of the best ^.^
For the next time we already planed to get VIP upgrades, too x3

After the encore the band took a photo with us ♥
I didn't found me yet in the picture,
but I must stand some where on the right side, near the
star shaped glow sticks and the Nyappy-plush ^.^


Thank you all for the great day (^.^)v


  1. Wow~ Das Konzert war sicher total cool *_*
    Ich finde deinen Hairstyle echt klasse :D Die Farben stehen dir voll gut.
    Die Sachen aus der japanischen Baeckerei sehen super lecker aus. Ich liebe solche Sachen. Besonder wenn da Matchacream drin ist *Love*

    Ich schicke dir ganz liebe Gruesse,
    Jade :)

  2. Lool, ich dachte erst wo denn Kanon ist XD Der sieht so 'Undercover' aufm Foto aus, haha XDD