Mittwoch, 12. Februar 2014

Jupiter in Cologne and new gets (^.^)v

Hey guys (^.^)v

It's time for the first 'real' entry of the year x3
Before I show the new things I got during the last month,
I want to tell you about the Jupiter concert I visited last week in Cologne.

Jupiter basically are the same members as 'Versailles', just with a new vocalist,
as Kamijo has left the band.
Their style of music also stayed largely the same,
just with more pop-elements I think.

This is the outfit I choose for the concert ^.^

and outside I wore my Lolita Coat ♥

We got to Cologne by train. It took us about four hours although we choose the IC (Inter City, the second fastest train in Germany)...
The ride itself was quite boring, so my friend Eiri crafted an origami pelican ^.^

we decided to call him 'Hermann' ^.^
The tutorial for it was published in a magazine which is displayed in the trains. 

The concert itself was really great ^.^
I didn't listen to any of Jupiters songs before the concert,
because I thought they would keep Versailles style of music.
But I was surprised in a very positive way *-*
Especially the new vocalist is amazing ^.^
I know, it's not fair to compare him to Kamijo and I would never say 
one is a better singer or whatever than the other... 
it was just the whole atmosphere that was different.
Zin (new vocalist) has a great voice, smiled a lot and 
animated the audiance to join the paras etc.
In my opinion it was just much more fun than
the Versailles concerts I visited.

Before we would go home by train, we had to wait about three and a half hours at Cologne Main Station. That's actually a pretty little waiting time. Usually we have to wait about five or six hours or even for more for our train to get back home...
but most concerts are worth it ^.^ 

To not fall asleep at McDonalds we all had some coffee at midnight x3

 ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

And now I want to show you the new things I got during the last month ^.^
first is, my new ear plugs and flesh tunel

the two ones in the middle are 10mm
and the pencil likes are 4mm

my skin is so f***ing unclear ;_;

next I have some new fashion items ^.^
one is this dalmatian-style fake fur vest 
it's so warm and fluffy *-*

and a new pair of tights ^.^
black with pink stars on it ♥

the last thing I want to show you
is the birthday present my boyfriend gave to me ^.^
it's so awesome!

it's a tea egg that looks like a manatee *-*
therefore it's 'manatea' xD

the teacup was also part of his gift ♥
it's from one of my favourite animes:
Azumanga daioh!
it's so funny and somehow stupid xD

the character in colour is 'Osaka'
(her real name is Ayumu Kasuga, but she comes as a 
transfer student from Osaka to Tokyo, so she is called Osaka)
she is my favourite character of the series *-*
the other girls are her classmates ^.^
I think the anime is really really funny,
but it doesn't really have a plot or something x3
maybe you want to watch it? ♥

thank you for reading (^.^)v


  1. dein Outfit ist sooo toll und ich liebe deinen Mantel. Den hatt´ ich auch kurzzeitig beliebäugelt aber dann habe ich mich anders entschieden (。◕‿◕。)

    1. vielen vielen dank -^.^-
      ich hatte es auch schwer mich zu entscheinden, die hatten so viele tolle mäntel *-*

  2. wenn ich deinen blog lese und deinen style ansehe fühle ich mich wieder richtig jung :> irgendwie vermisse ich ja meine damalige zeit, als ich mich so schön bunt anzog und auf alle jrock konzerte ging, haha ^^
    3 1/2 std warten find ich dann doch wiederrum sehr lange! >.< naja, liegt wohl daran weil ich selbst immer geschaut habe, dass ich iwo unterkam :/
    dein outfit ist total süß <3 sowie deine neuen errungenschaften! ^.^