Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

☆ Happy Halloween ☆

Hey guys (^.^)v

I'm back, I hope you are well x3
as you might have noticed, I decided to change this blog into english.
I hope everyone is ok with that ^.^
my english is not very good though, so please tell me if there are any big mistakes ^.^ 
 I also changed the rating thingies under the post to english, so feel free to rate or comment in english, too ^.^
oh, and I have a new background ^.^ do you like it? :3

so, back to topic x3
it's almost Halloween~
this year I unfortunately have no time to visit a Halloween Party q.q 
instead I just made some muffins ^.^

I also tried to decorate my room a little bit,
so I got this bat girland ^.^

this is all halloweenish stuff I have for you today ^.^
I wish you a nice spooky time x3

☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆

here are just some more pictures, I took the past few days ^.^
this is where my boyfriend and I were eating frozen yoghurt

and a snapshot of my outfit for the One Ok Rock concert last week

it was a fucking awesome concert *-*
one of the best I ever visited (and it was already my 44th x'D)
it was really great and I'm so happy they promised to come back ♥

so, this is everything for today ^.^
thank you for reading and see you the next time x3

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  1. Hey du!

    Fuer mich geht Englisch klar. Rede ich eh jeden Tag lol
    Das letzte Bild finde ich am Besten. Du siehst echt suess darauf aus <3