Dienstag, 12. November 2013


Hey guys (^.^)v

welcome back, nice to see you here again x3
here is just an update post with some pictures from the last days/weeks

first of all, I want to introduce to you my new roommate ^.^

his name is 'Flocke' and he is very fluffy ♥
my mom gave him the name x3
when she bought it, she had to carry him home without a bag,
because he is about 1m tall and didn't fit into one x3
then she went by a cute (real) dog, who barked at Flocke and wanted to play with him ^.^
this dog's name was also Flocke and so we named him this.
~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

a few days ago I made pancakes for the first time with my
brandnew hello kitty spatula *-*

I bought it in a local store in the town I live in.
I was really surprised that my town has an own hello kitty store,
because it's quite small x3
and I also got these cute small hello kitty envelopes there *-*

I just don't know who to send them to q.q
so tell me, if you want a letter x3

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

and then my boyfriend and I visited Sea Life last weekend *-*
 I don't want to bore you with lots of pictures of fish now,
but I have to post this one, because it is very important to me

the dark things in the fishnet are shark eggs
as you all might know, sharks are very endangered animals
and I really love them and hate people to stigmatize them as 
maneating monsters >.<
that's just not true!
sharks are very great animals and they should be protected
or they will extinct one day q.q 
(of course not only sharks should be protected, but every animals
to keep the ecological balance in a good condition)

and two more fun pictures ^.^

here you could put your head into a dented window
and from the other side of the fish tank someone could take a photo
that looks like you're under water x3
(sadly the fishie in the front is blurry q.q)

and one photo of a stone crocodile eating my head x'D

this was our funny day in sea life ^.^
of course we saw lots of other fish and sharks and amphibians
and a giant sea turtle *-* 

~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~ ☆ ~

and finally here is a picture of food xD

in my hometown we have a restaurant which sells only waffles x3
very delicious waffles *-*
mine were filled with strawberrys and honeydew melon
and decorated with chocolate sauce, smarties and desiccated coconut ♥

so, thats all for today ^.^
have a nice week and thanks for reading x3


  1. Ich finde es toll, dass Du im sea life Deinen Kleidungsstil durchgesetzt hast ^0^
    Ich war letzten Monat in Begleitung im Frankfurter Zoo mit Bier etc. und es hat auch Spaß gemacht xD ^^

    1. das war nicht schwer, ich hab kaum 'normale' klamotten x3
      wow, der zoo in frankfurt ist bestimmt auch toll *-* hoffentlich kann ich da auch mal hin ^.^
      und vielen dank für deinen lieben kommentar <3

    2. Nichts zu danken :3
      Ich lese gerne Deinen Blog.
      mach weiter so ^0^ /)