Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Cooking Japanese: Onigiri ♥

Hi there (^.^)v

it's a cooking post again this time ♥
Some time ago I tried to make onigiri (riceballs) for the frist time.
I think they turned out quite good,
so let me show you how to make them:

 This is what you need:
- rice (obviously)
- nori (dried sea weed sheets)
- something to fill them (I used furikake for flavour)
and optional: an onigiri mold

First, you need to cook the rice.
When it is done, the rice need to cool down to become more sticky.
Because I used furikake to give flavour to the rice,
I devided it into two and sprinkled it with furikake.

I used two different flavours:
the left is with various vegetables
and the right on with perilla (a kind of herb)

Then you are ready to shape the rice into onigiri ^.^
Usually they have a triangle form
like the onigiri mold I used

I wraped them into wrapping film to store them in fridge over night.
You can eat them right after shaping them, but I wanted
to take them with me next day for Fashion Walk in Hamburg.
So on the next day, I wrapped them into nori sheets.
(it's better to do this briefly before eating them,
because the nori soaks a lot water and becomes quite chewy then)

They people who tried them, said the were good ^-^
But I still need to improve a lot.
Next time I will try to fill them x3

Feel free to try to make them yourself ^-^
Onigiri are really delicious *-*
One of my favourite japanese food ♥

Thank you for reading and see you next time (^.^)v


  1. Hallo *_*

    Das sieht so lecker aus. Ich liebe Onigiri auch so! Besonders Tuna Mayo :D

    LG, Jade

  2. Ich mag Onigiri auch total gerne...müsste ich mal auch selber machen :)

  3. thanks to all for your nice comments ^-^ ♥

  4. Sehr gut, die nächste Portion dann bitte gleich zu mir liefern. ;) ♥
    Ich muss auch noch mal das Projekt "onigiri" in Angriff nehmen. :) Werde dann bestimmt auch auf deine Anleitung zurück greifen. ^^

    1. haha xD geht klar x3
      gerne, aber ich würde dir empfehlen mehr reis zu nehmen..
      bei mir sind nur 4 normale und 2 dünne onigiri draus geworden x3

  5. super blog :)

    würde mich über feedback rießig freuen und über nette Stammleser :) :)


  6. This is so cute! Thank you for sharing this~ your Onigiri turned out so nice<3
    --Kiyomi xx