Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Ari & Nici in Japan: Akihabara!

Hey guys,

I'm happy you are back!
This is the fifth entry on holidays in Japan x3
This time's topic:


Isn't that awesome?!
To finally be able to visit a place you saw so many photos of?
It was so so cool to be in Akihabara myself ♥ 

Of course we did some shopping and played Ufo-catcher xD
And we also had the chance to visit a Maid Cafe ♥
One of the maids in the streets of Akihabara spoke to us and
invited us to her cafe Maidreamin' ^.^
In the end, she also showed us the way ^.^

Sadly, it was not allowed to take photos inside..
I would have loved to take a pic of my super-cute
chocolate-bear icecream x3
It was so delicious ♥
And all the maids have been so nice and tried
their best to talk to us in English.
They were pretty good at it and at the time we've been there,
most of the costumers were foreigners.
One of the maids even did a show for us with singing and dancing *-*
And as we had ordered a menue,  we were 
allowed to take a photo with one of them in the end ^.^

Of course Nici tried once again to catch 
the figure she wanted so badly.. 

Look how close it was!
The machines are really mean and weak..
But instead she managed to catch a keychain for me \(^-^)/

It still is attached to my bag ^.^
I even lost it one evening in Japan, but some people passing by
were so nice as to hand it back to me ♥

Before we left Akiba, we took a small look at the Gundam Cafe:

I have loved the season of 'Gundam Wing' 
and I'm still searching for figures of some gundams
but I have not found any until now q.q

But yeah, it was not late yet
so we made our way to visit Tokyo Skytree x3

It is really huge O.O
but it was so expensive to go up..
But the scenery in front of the tower also
became beautiful when the sun set..

After watching the fountains for some time
and doing some shopping at the souvenir's store,
we went back to the station to go home to our host family.

I really miss Tokyo and Akihabara already 
and wished I would have had more time there..
But I hope I can visit it again in the future ♥

So, that's it for today x3
Thank you for reading and see you next time (^.^)v