Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Ari and Nici in Japan: Amazing Shibuya ☆

Hey guys (^-^)v

when we stayed in Tokyo, we went to Shibuya nearly as often as to Harajuku.
I have to admit Shibuya is really amazing, especially when it is getting dark *-*
All these neonlights and sign and so many people everywhere.

But let's start at the beginning:
When we first entered the district of Shibuya,
we were literally overwhelmed by this huge amount of people.
At famous Shibuya crossing (the one right in front of Shibuya Station)
we just stood there and filmed and took pictures for nearly 10 minutes xD

standing there felt like a wall of death x'DD

Then we had the heart to try ourself walking over the crossing
without bumping randomly into people... and it really worked!
No matter how many people are there, you can just pass the street like every other.

As you can see, the sun already set when we stood at Shibuya crossing.
And looking back, almost every time we went to Shibuya it was already dark or getting dark.
But that did not matter at all as Shibuya is really amazing in the dark *-*

happy and excited \(*-*)/
there was Tanabata festival in Tokyo when we stayed there

Of course, we did not just went to Shinuya for sightseeing
but also for shopping xD
Especially in Shibuya 109 !

a bit blurry but with Optimus Prime !
fancy mirror at Shibuya 109 toilets xD
There is so much music everywhere in Shibuya, it is just amazing *-*
Music in every store, music trucks on the streets,
and huge monitors at the buildings playing music.
And nearly on every monitor One Ok Rock's new single was shown xD

this is at Tower Records
After shopping, we were hungry and went to Family Mart,
a chain of conbini stores, and bought dinner:

the right one is mine ^.^ I ate it a lot xD it is not completely vegetarian, but I just picked the fish out
fancy frozen yoghurt dessert ♥ you could completely mix it yourself with whatever you wanted *o*
For eating, we just sat down at a corner of the street.
There a very very few cars in the shopping streets of Shibuya,
so you basically can walk on the streets all the time.
It was really cool to see all these different people passing by.
At some point it somehow felt really unreal to me to actually be there xD

I would have loved to visit some concerts in Shibuya's life houses,
but our vacations were so poorly planned that the bands we wanted to see
eighter were in Osaka when we were in Tokyo and played in Tokyo when we 
were in Osaka or didn't tour at all -.-'' (Next time, we will definetely plan better...)
But nevertheless, we visited some life houses in Shibuya (by accident x'D)


The second time we went to Shibuya was a very spontaneous decision.
In the first place, we wanted to visit Mt. Fuji that day,
but since it was a kind of holiday in Japan, the trains were terribly crowded that day.
This is also the reason why I look really shitty in the picutre I took with Ann Chirisu:

please forgive me my ungliness >.<
Ann Chirisu is a very cool and funny youtuber.
Check out her channel, if you don't already know her !
Her first channel
Her second channel (where she also uploaded her vlogs from Japan)

She lives in London, but since I follow her on facebook and instagram, too
I knew she and her boyfriend were in Japan that time,
but I never imagined to meet her in such a big city !
I was really surprised and too scared to talk to her first.
But Nici encouraged me to ask if she really was who I thought she was
and she herself seemed to be surprised someone recognised her there.

We also went in the same train and she talked a lot to us.
She is very very nice ^.^

While strolling through Shibuya, we also took a photo with famous Hachiko ♥

It was so much fun and this district is just amazing *-*
I wish we had more time to explore Shibuya and other Tokyo districts.
It seems like every part of the town has it's own unique character.

Fortunately we arrived two days before the big 'final bargains' ended xD
so crowded O.O
all these lights *o*
Tokyo Disney store ^.^
some train stations really have low ceilings...

We love Shibuya ! ♥
I hope we can see you again ! ^.^


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