Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Tofu Cute Order \(^-^)/

Hey guys (^.^)v
I hope you are fine ^.^

today I want to do a small review x3
some weeks ago I ordered some stuff at the online shop 'Tofu Cute' ^.^
I wanted to order there for some time now, but most things 
I wanted to buy were always sold out q.q
but now, nearly all the things I wanted were in stock, so I had to order quickly *-*

I really wanted to have this onigiri plush toy *-*
it's so cute and I love onigiri ♥

next I ordered some new phone charms ^.^
 2 Alpacas and a Giraffe-donut *-*

I love these old school overdecorated cell phones x3
so I decided to decorate mine like this again!

it's quite heavy now.. like in good old days x'D

the fluffy yellow thing you can see in the background 
of the first pic is a plushy tissue box *-*
isn't that cool?! x'D
it's pineapple-tofu style ^.^
and it is a present from my boyfriend ♥ 
I didn't have enough money, so he bought it for me -^.^-

I also ordered some food x3
POCKY!  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
one is mango flavour

and the other is cheesecake *-*

they are both so delicious *Q*
the mango tastes like real mango and not like some artificial stuff
and the cheesecake one tastes refreshing with some added twist of lemon ^.^

and the last thing I bought is a pen that looks like a pocky stick ^.^

it does not look like it in the picture, but it's very easy to write with it ^.^
and that's it x3
I'm so happy with my purchase ^.^
see you next time ♥

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