Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

Hanami Con Ludwigshafen

Hey guys (^-^)v

Finally I'm back !
Sorry it took so long again but my second exam period started..
it was really hard but now it's over and I won't have any exams until October \(*-*)/
 There still are some thing I want to share with you guys such as some entries 
about my time in Japan and, of course, about Japanday in Düsseldorf this year. 

But let's start with another Convention ^.^
 As my boyfriend and I moved to another part of Germany last year,
we looked around a bit to find out if there are some nice conventions near our new location.
And we found: Hanami Convention in Ludwigshafen !
We live very close to that city now, so we decided to visit it ^.^
As we were very late with buying tickets, we, unfortunately, didn't get any Saturday
or weekend tickets anymore, just a few for Sunday were left.

 Still we bought them and made our way to the convention on Sunday.
In beforehand, I have to state that I didn't take many photos
because my allergy struck hard again that day and I wasn't able to 
take many photos as I hardly saw anything and my nose was running all day q.q
But we still had a nice time ^.^
I decided to wear a Pastel Goth inspired outfit again ♥

a bit decoration to cover my messy bedroom..
It was the first time I wore my very first milklim item:
this purple faux leather jeacket ♥

I love to use my Kuromi bag for outfits like this ^.^
Also, the weather was really nice that day, the sun shone and no clouds anywhere.
(sadly this weather goes hand in hand with a high pollen count..) 

When we arrived, it was already quite crowded but, nevertheless,
we took our time to see what the many sellers had to offer.
They did not only sell their goods inside the building but outside were many boothes, too. 
A very good thing for those who didn't get tickets anymore x3

While standing at one of the boothes, a girl handed a flyer to me
to promote a performance of her show group.
The description sounded interesting and therefore we decided to go ^.^
Unless most show groups performances, this one was a play in a self-invented universe:

The show group's name is XnY and their play's name is 'Universe'.
I filmed a small part of one dance scene for you:

After the performance, we went outside again and found 
something I've always wanted to try: Taiyaki ♥

Taiyaki are Japanese waffles in form of a fish and traditionally filled with anko (sweet red bean paste). When I was in Japan, I saw a small taiyaki-stall in the street but I was so ful that time and thought I will find another one... but, unfortunately, I didn't q.q
But now at the con I could finally try it *-*

The queue in front of the stall was quite long and it took a while until we could order
because the stall was run by just two people with two taiyaki makers.
I was so much looking forward to it that I photographed nearly everything the cook did:

They offered four different flavours:
Chocolate pudding
Vanilla pudding

We chose one of each flavour ^.^
And every single one was so delicious ♡^▽^♡

After eating and relaxing a little bit, we went to the shopping area inside the building.
As everyone else was in the big hall to watch the German Cosplay Contest at that moment,
we could see everything at the boothes and could peacefully look at and buy stuff x3

my boyfriend likes SNes a lot ^.^
so many cute plushies *-* ♥
 As soon as the Cosplay Contest ended, it got very crowded everywhere again.
As it has also got late, we dicided to head home again.
 And shortly before, we bought some snack:

these Chocolate Dorayaki were so delicious *Q*
 On our way home, I even met one of my supervisiors from work.
Although I was wearing a wig, she still recognized me and
ask if we went to Hanami Con. She said, she herself was not interested
in 'this anime stuff' but she liked the way I dress  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ 

Well, this was our day at the Hanami Con ^-^
We had lots of fun and want to go there again next year !

Last but not least, I want to show you what be bought:

what I bought ^.^
Azusa from k-on ^-^
a cute Salamence plush ^-^

there were some boothes with art pieces from yet unknown manga artist... of them designed this cute cup (and many more) ^.^

And my boyfriend bought this Don Quichotte de Flamingo figure from One Piece ^.^

We are already looking forward to next year's Hanami Con ^.^
Thank you for reading ♥
bye bye ( ・ω・)ノ