Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

Ari & Nici in Japan: Mt. Fuji 富士山

Hey guys (^.^)v

Since last year was our first stay in Japan, 
we absolutely wanted to visit its national symbol: Mount Fuji.
We again took the train to a small town located near the foot of the mountain.
Many climbers and wanderers start their tour there and since the route
was included in our Kansai Railway Pass, it was quite cheap for us ^.^

I have no idea where exatly we went off.. but we also had to change trains
 We arrived quite late since the ride took long but we still had some time until
the bus arrived with which we wanted to 'climb' onto the mountain.
So we spent some time at the station and they literally sold everything
you might need when you climb up. They even had single sold rolls of
toilet paper wrapped in sheets with handdrawn paintings of the mountain..
However, after some time of waiting and buying for provisions, our bus finally arrived.

When we bought the bus tickets, we even got a small lucky charm
to protect the wanderers ^.^
But we didn't choose a good day to visit Mount Fuji..
It was totally cloudy that day. Usually you can see the mountain
from the town we started our bus tour but on this day: no chance!
So unfortunately, we did not even had a bad view on the landscape
but literally no view at all..

While the bus was air conditioned and the air temperature in the town we started
the ride in was like 30°C, we were really shocked by how low the temperature
on Fuji was..

12°C O.O
It was so so cold Q_Q
But still we took some pictures and enjoyed our time.

We went with Jessica that day (on the left).
She is from Germany, too and coincidentally stayed at the same
hostfamily in Osaka as we did x'D
On the mountain we even met another girl from Germany
who asked us to take a photo of her.

the mountain top, without snow in the summer

We also went to the souvenir shop up there ^.^
They sell really cute and unique souvenirs, even some stuff you can only
get there and not in the shops at the train station near the foot of the mountain.
Since it was so cold, we drank some green tea in the cafeteria.
After we had revovered a bit, we went outside again to take some more memory photos:

selfie with fujisan xD

so windy o.o
We did not have that much time to explore Fuji as it tooks us several hours 
to go there and we had to take the last bus downwards before it got dark
(I think it was around 6 pm but I'm not sure anymore...)

this picture obviously remebered it for me: it was around 6 pm x3
a huge painting on a wall in the train station
 We got back to Osaka quite late and were really hungry,
so we decided to eat at a nearby familiy restaurant
that was opened until late after midnight xD

 I had fries and pancakes with chocolate ice cream *-*

Anyway, it was really great to visit Mount Fuji and see one of
 Japan's national symbols with your own eyes ^.^

Thank you for reading and see you again next time ♥


  1. Wow, I looove posts like these!
    It makes me feel like I explored a little bit of Japan as well. *A*
    It's cute you got that little charm there!
    Also, I really liked the photos you took there. ♥

    1. thank you so much ^-^
      I'm very happy my post make you feel like exploring it yourself *-* that's my favourite part of reading travel post myself x3

  2. Das Foto, wo man die Wolken so sieht ist ja der hammer :o Muss unglaublich gewesen sein.

    Und mal so nebenbei. Ich hatte nie so richtig mitgekriegt, was ihr zurzeit eigentlich in Japan treibt. Ihr seid ja ziemlich lange da. Reist ihr trotzdem nur, oder nehmt ihr an irgendeinem Programm teil, z. B. Work & Travel oder Uni, oder was auch immer? :P
    Würde mich stark interessieren. Japan als Reiseziel steht bei mir nämlich auch noch auf der Liste! :)))

    1. Dankeschön ^-^

      Ach so, die Einträge sind immer noch von unserem Urlaub letzten Sommer x3 Aber da ich in den letzten Monaten und auch jetzt noch sehr viel Stress habe, konnte ich noch nicht alles posten und das kommt jetzt erst nach und nach..
      Insgesamt waren wir nur drei Wochen in Japan, ein ganz normaler Urlaub. Sorry, wenn man das nicht richtig rausgehört hat q.q

    2. Aaaaah :D Boah, hatte ich total verplant. War jetzt ja auch ne Zeitlang total inaktiv am Blog lesen, weil mein PC kaputt war und hatte es entweder wieder vergessen gehabt, oder einfach irgendwie nicht mitbekommen. :D
      Dachte ihr wärt immer noch da, haha! :D

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