Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Nisa-Con and Pastel Goth again ♥

Hey guys (^.^)v

for a few years now Braunschweig, the town I live in, has it's own convention.
It's a quite small town, but the con itself is often very crowded.
I'm happy people from other parts of germany come to our local convention, too x3

So this year it was really hot again..
I visited the convention for the third time now and it's always really warm x'D
two years ago we had almost 35°C and last year around 25°C (still warm),
but this year it was 32°C again x3
not the best weather for a convention, but better than heavy rain ^-^

Since I really like Pastel Goth at the moment, 
I choose to wear a creepy cute outfit again x3
It's just my second try with this style and I'm still really at beginner-level x'D

My boyfriend decided to accompany me this time *-*
our first convention together ♥
And before we went of, we took some photos in the garden ^.^

 and a pic he took of me x3

My boyfriend then went to his brother-in-law and his niece to 
pick them up and I made my way to the event location x3
When I arrived there already were a lot of people waiting to get in
and I had to queue for half an hour.. in our small town x'D

Of course I went to the Karaoke Room first and met my friend Rinni there x3

I myself didn't sing anything.
There was a new karaoke system and they had
quite few songs I liked or knew the lyrics of..
So I went on to the Video Room to watch some anime ^.^

This anime was quite funny xD
but I forgot it's name q.q
do you know how it is called?

While strolling through the floors I met cute maid Lisa

She sold soo~ delicious cupcakes and donuts *-*
We bought some when my boyfriend finally arrived x3

cat donut *-* ♥
As you can see in the pic, I deeply fell in love
with this bulbasaur plush *-*
and had to buy it, it was soo cute q.q

After walking around the whole time,
we sat down in the hall to enjoy some shows ^.^
First was the singer 'Chocolate Music' from Bremen.
She translates and sings anime soundtracks in german x3
She  did a really great show *-*

The next artist was the singer Shiroku.
She sings anime songs (and also J-Pop I think) to piano music.
She was really really great *-*
To piano music of course she sings lots ballads,

which I personally don't like that much..
but you could see how moved she was by every title
and how much every song ment to her ♥

I heard she likes penguins, this was her mascot for today ^.^

After the shows it was already pretty late
and we were really exhausted from walking and the heat, so we went home x3
It was a great convention and it's always fun going there ^.^

thanks for reading
and see you next time (^.^)v


  1. Du bist eine treue Congängerin, dass wird sofort in Deinen ersten Sätzen erkennbar <3 Bleib dabei !
    Dein pastel Goth Outfit gefällt mir wieder mal, wobei es schon eher so 50 / 50 ist (oben pastel und cute unten mehr gothic angehaucht).

    Ist es etwa Dein erstes Pokemon plüschtier ?
    Kümmere Dich gut um Dein Bisasam ;3 (hihi,passend zum Mausepfeil)

    Viele liebe Grüße,
    Yume <3

    1. danke für deine lieben worte ♥
      ja, zweck mangels pastelfarbiger strumpfhosen ist es eher halb-halb ausgefallen x'D
      ich habe schon ein feelinara und ein folipurba ^-^
      bald hab ich ein team x3

  2. I LOVEE the hair!!!
    I have nominated you for Liebster award over on my blog!